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We are excited to offer a select number of our sewing patterns as digital downloads. In addition to this format, we will also remain committed to printing on tissue as has been our practice for our 40 year history. 

Currently, you can find the our full catalog of patterns available in digtial formats. Many are available in print AND digital formats. Stay tuned as we are working to add many more patterns to our digital library.

Printing & Using PDF Patterns

Here are some quick answers to how to print our digital patterns. To find our digital download policy, click here. 

You will receive a link to download your pattern on the purchase confirmation page during checkout. You will also receive a separate email with the download link. Retain your email with the download link for future downloads. The download link will only allow five download attemptsof your file.
Once you download your file, it is helpful to locate your file. On most computers, it will likely be downloaded by default to your Downloads folder or the desktop. Move the file to a specific folder where you keep your PDF patterns. After you have downloaded your file, it is up to you to save your file in a safe place. We recommend backing up your files regularly.
PDF File
Included in each PDF pattern file, you will receive printing instructions, step-by-step pattern instructions and the pattern pieces. The entire file can be printed on 8.5” x 11” or A4 paper. Alternately, we include a wide format page to print the pattern pieces on 36” wide paper or A0 paper at a print shop.
The most important part of printing your pattern is setting the print scale correctly. Printing PDF patterns requires exact accuracy in printing to be sure your garment will be sized correctly. Many printers and computers will want to scale the PDF file to best fit a paper size. Whether you print at home or at a copy shop, it is important to print the pattern pieces with 100% scaling or “Actual size.”
Many prefer to save paper and only print the pattern pieces and view the instructions on their tablet or computer during construction. Our patterns come with a printing index to help you print only the pages you need for your project and size.
Printing at Home
Print at home using a personal computer using 8.5” x 11” (or A4) paper. We do not recommend using a tablet to print your pattern as there are not printer settings to scale correctly. Determine the pages you want to print using the table in the beginning of the pattern. To print, click File>Print. The print dialogue box will open. Set the print scale at 100% or “Actual Size." Do not check “Scale to Fit."
The pattern piece pages have a 1” grid, as well as a 1” test box on each page. To test your printer settings, print the first page of the pattern piece. Confirm that the grid and the test box measure 1”. Continue to print the remainder of the pages once you have confirmed you have the correct printer settings.
Copy Shop
We include a 36” wide paper format (and A0) if you desire to not piece together your pieces using regular paper. Many copy shops have wide format printers or “plotters” often used for architectural plans or banners. Work with your local copy shop for printing with best results.
The bigger pattern pieces will cover multiple pages and need to be pieced together. Using the pattern piece assembly diagram in the pattern, tape the pages together aligning the grid lines. It is helpful to trim or fold back the top and left margin of each page and overlap the pieces.
Using & Storing PDF patterns
Depending on your preferences, you may choose to cut out your specific size or trace your specific pieces. It is helpful to highlight the lines for your size to ensure you cut/trace the correct lines.

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